Online Platform Interviews CloudFest CEO Soeren von Varchmin

CloudFest CEO Soeren von Varchmin was recently interviewed by, an online platform which offers businesses an outlet where they can search out and compare hosting companies. The article, titled “Behind the Scenes of CloudFest 2018 – hosttest Interviews Soeren von Varchmin, CEO of the Well-Known CloudFest”, shares with readers valuable insights from the man […]

CloudFest India Agenda Available Now

In anticipation of the kick-off of CloudFest India in just a few weeks, we are pleased to announce the online posting of our agenda for your review. Detailing the notable speakers, exhibitors, and activities that will take place over the course of the day, attendees will soon understand that this is a “must attend” experience […]

Famed Domaining Lawyer Zak Muscovitch Joins CloudFest India Line-Up

Zak Muscovitch has practiced international domain name law since 1999 and represents buyers and sellers in high-value website and domain name purchases – including precedent-setting court cases. He joins CloudFest India during our May 23 event in Mumbai to shed light on practical solutions for turning losing UDRP’s into winners, getting buyers to pay and […]

The Father of Net Neutrality Tim Wu Joins CloudFest India

India has 130 million Facebook users, more than any country in the world outside of the United States. Following Facebook’s questionable “Free Basics” zero-rated internet access offer coupled with Cambridge Analytica’s fake news scandal, India’s IT Minister is threatening to step in to ensure the digital giant does not misuse the power of its platform. […]

CloudFest India – Join Today at 50% Savings

Did you know that India is made up of around 51 million small and medium-sized businesses and that a whopping 68 percent have, as of yet, no online presence? For companies operating in the cloud, hosting and infrastructure space, such numbers are teeming in opportunity to grow one’s global footprint via this exciting, emerging market. […]